UI Design? But First User Flow!

Have you ever been frustrated by a website’s or app’s clumsy design or unclear navigation and lost your way? Experience designers most likely overlooked the crucial step of creating a user flow.

A user flow is essentially a road map that explains to consumers how to use your product to achieve their goals. From the instant a user lands on the homepage, it outlines the actions they need to take to complete a certain goal, like purchasing something or signing up for a service.

However, why is designing a user flow so crucial? It should be the cornerstone of any effective UI design for the following reasons:

  1. Clarity & Focus: Try setting up a space without a plan. User flows require you to specify the goals and actions users must take, much like a blueprint. This focus and clarity result in a UI design that is clear, free of unnecessary elements, and helps users stay on task.
  2. Better Navigation: Your app or website will have a logical and easy-to-use structure if your user flow is well established. Customers have a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience since they can locate what they need more quickly. Consider it like creating a road with obvious signage and instructions; people will reach their destination and accomplish their goal much more quickly and won’t get lost.
  3. Early Problem Identification: Before you even begin designing the user interface, consider creating user flows to spot potential design challenges. You might find incorrect information architecture or confusing steps when creating a user journey map. Resolving these problems in advance of trying to improve a complex user interface later on saves time and resources.

Bonus Tip: Another excellent tool for teamwork is the user flow. By sharing them with stakeholders and engineers, you can make sure that everyone is aware of the product and its features, workings, and usage. Plus, if anything gets missed, it can be fixed at an earlier stage, and everyone’s on the same page.


Taking the time to create a user flow before diving into UI design lays the groundwork for a successful product. A well-designed user flow leads to a clear, intuitive, and user-friendly experience. So next time you’re starting a new design project, remember: don’t forget the user flow first!

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