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I’m Prerna Fatnani, and I’m talking to you through this screen. I don’t fit into just one role—I’m all about shaping brands in diverse ways. That’s why you’ll find me working across different domains of design, development, and marketing. My specialization lies in creating user experiences that bridge the gap between people and computer code. I freelance and am also a co-founder of Skróts. Lastly, I am always looking for opportunities to be a part of building a business through my skills and expertise. I would love to be the catalyst for reaching your business aspirations.

How I Can Help Your Business Grow

UX Audit

My thorough UX audit services include understanding business objectives, defining user journeys, conducting heuristic usability evaluations, accessibility evaluations, identifying branding and positioning issues, and proofreading content.

UI Design

I provide creative UI design services featuring the creation of mood boards, drafting design systems, creating wireframes, designing interfaces, prototyping, and interaction design.

Social Media Management

I provide comprehensive social media services, including scheduling posts, engaging with the audience, running and managing ad campaigns, content creation, keyword research, trend identification, monitoring analytics, copywriting, and budgeting.

WordPress Website Development

I offer professional WordPress website development, encompassing designing and developing websites, setting up on-page SEO, conducting basic security checks, hosting the website, and ongoing website maintenance.


I deliver complete branding solutions, including logo design, brand guidelines design, brand kit creation, rebranding, and crafting taglines and brand stories. This includes working on color palettes, typography, and visual identity.

Lead Generation

My expert lead generation services focus on identifying potential leads, contacting prospects, managing a database of prospects, and executing cold email marketing campaigns.

E-commerce Store Management

My effective e-commerce store management services involve updating products, conducting keyword research, running PPC ad campaigns, and writing SEO-optimized product descriptions.

MS/Google Suite Expertise

I offer efficient MS/Google Suite services covering email management, calendar management, creating and maintaining databases, and document creation and collaboration.



With over 6 years immersed in the tech industry, I have had the privilege of working on diverse projects spanning multiple sectors. My experience encompasses collaborating with clients across industries such as SaaS products, nutraceutical brands, restaurants, furniture companies, real estate, ed-tech, gaming, e-commerce, consultancy firms, health, and fitness, among others.

During this time, I have successfully delivered a range of services which includes developing and optimizing websites, managing social media strategies, implementing SEO best practices, designing UI for applications, conducting UX audits, creating user flows, and running digital marketing campaigns.

Throughout my career, I’ve been dedicated to using technology and creativity to achieve tangible results for businesses in diverse fields. Each project I’ve worked on has given me valuable insights and chances to improve my skills in creating meaningful digital solutions.



Prerna is an incredible person who is a true multipotentialite. She is a great listener and has a wonderful ability to weave together multiple ideas and create something wonderful. 

Harsh Bakshi
Founder - Skrots

Prerna is an extraordinarily experienced UX Designer who deeply understands her work and gets things done efficiently, thoroughly, and correctly in accordance with best practices. Drawing from her vast experience, Prerna has an immediate grasp of the scope of any project, and is quick to identify potential complications so they can be addressed in the planning stage as well as solutionizing. 

Anushka Jain
UI/UX Designer

Thanks and good work Prerna for reviewing designs and helping me with flow diagrams.

Tanay Lakhani
Upwork | Stacks

Prerna did a great job with our study. Good and fast communication

Ilkka Kaate


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