Problem Identified:

Medicines getting piled up at everyone’s home due to: 

  • For emergencies, people buy medicines in large quantities.
  • Adults and children forget to take their medications on time.
  • 80% of patients stop taking their medicine once they start to feel better.
  • The expiration dates can occasionally be torn.
  • Are unsure about what to do with outdated medications
  • Someone purchased medications from a different brand.


  • People will have a lot fewer accumulated messages if they keep track of all the medications they have and when to take each one.
  • Keeping track of expiration dates will enable you to donate any unwanted medications to nearby NGOs or facilities in advance.
  • Knowing more about the medication will make it easier to choose a different brand of medication by examining the ingredients.
  • Additionally, educating individuals on the proper approach to dispose of specific medications would advance humanity.

Skills learned:

  • Defining Problem
  • User Research 
  • Field Research
  • Brainstorming 
  • User Flows

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