Humanising Driver’s Experience for Uber

Problems Identified:

  • A decline in the number of rides provided on average
  • Pickup locations are shown inside the building
  • Drivers feel frustrated when they have to wait for the rider to come
  • Drivers don’t prefer online payment through uber
  • Prefer not taking a few rides because they know/assume/believe that they will not get any rides from the destination


• Allowing drivers to choose how they want their day to be, based on their mood and choice

• Encouraging drivers with incentives, Uber Gold Coins, and positive messaging to inculcate brand loyalty

• Empowering drivers to identify high traffic, alternate routes

• Showing alternate routes to help drivers reach their destination easier/faster

• Offering tokens of thanks (incentives) when they accept online payments

• Notifying drivers when they achieve targets, make decisions, or when there is a delay in the route

• Introducing a cancellation limit to avoid drivers canceling rides with the intention to take the ride offline

• Offering Uber Gold Coins on certain pre-defined milestones

• Engaging drivers during waiting time with games

• Notifying riders & drivers when the pick-up location pin is in a building and suggesting the ideal area to place the pin

Skills Learned:

• Market research

• User research

• User personas & journey map

• 3 Why Analysis

• Brainstorming

• Sketching

• Prototyping

• Testing & validating

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